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Canoe Rental- Grant River, WI

Y'Allbee Tubin has canoes for rent, paddles, and the life vests needed for your family or group canoe trip. The 44 mile long Grant River in southwest Wisconsin is an excellent canoeing location with the scenic river bluffs, wildlife, farm fields, and natural topography. Rent a canoe or bring your own vessel. Shuttle services are available. Accepting cash only. 

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Canoe Rental:

  • $40.00 per canoe

  • 17' Aluminum canoes

  • 2 people per canoe

  • Life jackets for each person are required by law and are provided. You may bring your own life jackets.

  • All canoes are rented for the entire day. There is no price difference whether it takes you 2 hours or 6 hours.

Shuttle Service: 

  • $10.00 for shuttle service with equipment rental (more for longer distance trips)

  • All vehicles are placed at the end of the trip route so when you are finished with your trip, your vehicles are waiting for you.

  • $25.00 group fee for those bringing their own canoes/kayaks. 

River Trips:

  • We have suggested river trips of 2 to 4 hours:

    • Bridge 10- Bridge 11 is 6 miles and takes 2.5-3 hours

    • Bridge 10- Bridge 12 is about 9 miles and takes 3.5-4 hours

  • Other custom trips are available

  • All SCHEDULED CANOE rentals will meet at the river put-in location 

Bridge Locations:​​

  • Bridge 10 – County U / 5000 Blackjack Road

  • Bridge 11 – Camel Ridge Road

  • Bridge 12 – Chaffie Hollow Road



  • Each individual (or parent/guardian of minor) must sign a Waiver of Liability at the time of rental and before launching vessel.

  • NO Glass or styrofoam contains are allowed on the river.

  • We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone that we deem unsafe to canoe the river.

  • Please keep all cans within your canoe. We can provide trash bags upon request.

  • Please bring shoes to wear on the river. Tennis shoes or water shoes are recommended.

  • Prices are subject to change without notice.

  • All lost of damaged items (including paddles, life jackets, and flotation devices) must be paid in full. Minimum fee of $20 per item.

  • All vessels must be off the water by 6:00 p.m.

  • Accepting cash only.


River conditions:

  • We reserve the right to cancel reservations for your safety due to inclement weather or unsafe river conditions.

  • The river is 75% knee to waist deep, the other 25% is 6 feet or more.

  • Never assume when getting out of your canoe that you will be able to stand in the water. 

  • We ask that your wear your lifejacket at all times.

  • You are required by law to have a lifejacket and life preserver in your vessel at all times.

  • The Grant River flows through private property. Please always respect the land owners. Stay within the boundary banks of the river. ​​

Reservations/Availability: ​

  • Open 10-6 Friday and Saturday & 11-6 on Sunday

  • Weekday trips are by reservation only.

  • Reservations required for Weekend trips. Drop-ins are accepted depending on availability of equipment. Reservations will be filled first, all other requests will be first come first serve basis.

  • If you book a reservation and are unable to make the trip please give us 24 hours notice so we may fill your slot.

Text or Call 608-732-0618 with any additional questions. 

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